29th January 2005.

I had never attended a hunt where dogs were used until just before the ban became law so when I was told that I could take photographs of three hunts by the Lunesdale Harriers from Hornby I decided to go and see what it was about. The first one was on the estate where I had my bird hide, Halton Park.

I enjoyed the day and photographing the riders and horses and seeing the happenings of the day. Nothing was chased or caught but all seemed to be enjoying the day and I related it to the feeling when fishing that ‘it’ will happen soon. The anticipation is the thing.

16th February 2005

The final ‘live’ hunt for the Harriers was from Hornby Castle grounds where I attended the meet but did not follow the hunt. Again there was nothing caught or chased but still lots of happy riders.

19th February 2005

The meet was on the pub forecourt in Hornby. The ‘Hare’ I believe was the hunt masters son and he had left some time earlier to set the scent. Again it was good weather and the hare led them a merry chase getting caught and nearly licked to death about 100 yards from the planned finish on the banks of the River Lune at Loyne Bridge, Gressingham. It was certainly different and very enjoyable for everyone.