Animals – Wild

This page excludes photographs taken on my Northern Tanzania safari’s of 2008 and 2015 nor The Gambia trip February 2017, all of which are listed in daily sightings under their own heading. See the ‘All Images Here’ tab and the safaris are in the table.

The Fox family pictures were taken in a roadside field at Heysham and the den was used for a few years until some ‘nice gentlemen’ decided to put terriers in and then dig the den out. I won’t say what I really think about them but you use your imagination. A lot of walkers got a lot of pleasure watching the cubs playing.

The Fox with the pigeon was taken over my garden wall using flash. It patrolled the field nightly around 10pm and I discovered that a neighbour was putting out food for it. I did the same. I think it was run over on the bridge nearby one night as it stopped coming. The wet Stoat fell into a bucket of water in my garden. It survived OK.

The Brown Hares were taken January 2017 on fields on the Lancashire coast.