Gambia travel images 2017

Travelling around The Gambia on a photography safari in February 2017.

I was fascinated by the colourful clothing of the people of Gambia and took lots of images albeit through the windows of the moving 4×4 that we were in. I took people, buildings markets and signs showing villages we were going through or by-passing on the way. I have not titled the images as really they are self explanatory apart from the ones leading up to the ferry crossing. These show the queues of traffic that can wait up to three days to get across. I was told this wait was cheaper than driving all the way round which would probably taken two days anyway. The smaller ferry takes about 6 cars plus foot passengers and the larger ferry can take about six wagons and ten cars plus foot passengers. Although the crossing is only 5 or 6 minutes the loading and unloading takes 30 minutes at each end. The ferry runs from 8am to 8pm. The Gambian and Senegal Governments own the ferries but they are now starting construction of a bridge. The images are roughly in the order that I took them. The mini buses carry the luggage on the roof. Some of my pictures show live goats or sheep up there??