Peregrine Falcons


My favourite bird of prey. In a local disused quarry on Warton Crag, nr Carnforth, Lancs. there has been a pair in occupation for a number of years. Obviously the birds change, probably due to one dying due to old age, accident or stupid act by people who should know better. The quarry is quite large, has car parking for about 40 cars and is part of the Warton Crag Nature Reserve and is looked after by the Lancashire County Council Wildlife Conservation officers who do a good job there and elsewhere in the county. Due to all the chicks disappearing two years on the trot I suggested to the Falconer from Leighton Hall that a watch would be a good idea for the following breeding season and full marks to her she set about and did just that – result – 3 fine chicks fledged from a nest site where they had disappeared from previously and each subsequent year has been seen chicks reared. Thank you to the watch team on behalf of the hundreds of people, not necessarily bird watchers as such, who get great pleasure from seeing these falcons flying and hunting in the quarry. Unfortunately they are not easy to photograph, mainly due to the distance but I keep trying. I was also shown nest sites at Whitbarrow Scar where there were four chicks and Humphrey Head where the hen bird was suffering from a feather disease which I was told she had had for some years. It did not affect her hunting ability.